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Shirking the Shark

November 19, 2012

Design considerations and rendering for One Legged desk, extracted from photos and contemplation of the completion of Five (yes, a five legged desk).  One Legged would be slightly larger and despite a metal infrastructure, hopefully also lighter and easily dismantled into two separate sections, top and base . Five is a bitch to carry to the second floor by yourself. One day I’m sure desk will be able to walk up steps by themselves, but that is of no help to me today.

I’m also considering a smaller three-legged desk called, Secretary (not Three…) It will have two main drawers instead of three on Five.

The top surface of both desk should have the strength and stability to let the fat man dance… Just because.

Hopefully, One Legged and Secretary won’t take as long as Five to build, because I’ve already spent too much time shirking the sharks (I’m not sure what meaning yet to apply to my previous metaphor, but when one out, I’m sure it will be a great motivator and will aid me in getting a lot of shit done).

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